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precision machining



Some parts are just not manufactured anymore or are not made to the correct specications. Whether it is building back up a worn out part and then machining it to spec or getting a new part to the exact ones, we can get you the perfect fit.

As a fully equipped machine shop we have all of the tools necessary to ensure we can tackle the machining repair job you need done. We have a variety of sizes of lathes, mills, drill presses, and heavy duty grinding tools.

One of our largest accounts involves building back up the material of a circular surface and then working it down to a specication within thousands of an inch. Quite literally giving it the “perfect” fit. We also perform a similar service on industrial printing press ink rollers.



new products

When we manufacture products for customers they are normally asking for one of two things: small or one off batches of a product, or a prototype of something that could be mass produced in the future. We have decades of experience putting designs into application and producing products that are exactly what a customer is looking for. Our products have ranged from snow and soil survey equipment to gearing mechanisms for industrial applications. We have even aided university students as they created prototypes for senior projects.

Have a broken, Antiquated, obsolete or custom machine?

We can redesign or rebuild your machine. We also can build your one off design.

Our skilled craftsmen have the knowledge to replicate the design of any part vital to running your business so you can get back to doing what you do best.

We also work on antique machines, amusement rides, equipment and more. As artisans we appreciate the ingenuity of someone else through history. We are always being brought old, crazy, and weird “stuff” to take our crack at making work like new again. Every time something cool comes through our doors we not only enjoy working on it, but also getting the chance to experience another’s creative genius.