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Snowpack Survey Equipment

In 1978 Hansen Machine works was approached by the California Department of Water Resources to build a set of Federal style snow coring tubes. We have been building, repairing, and innovating the snow coring tubes for the Department of Water Resources ever since. Currently we build and repair snow coring tubes for various agencies, organizations, and businesses around the country.

In California the snowpack levels are crucial to the state’s economy and in recent years have been the center of attention during the current drought. Lawmakers have relied heavily on snowpack readings to be as accurate as possible because even the smallest variance could have enormous ramications. With this in mind, we take and have taken every measure possible to ensure that our snow coring tubes are of the highest quality and yield the most accurate reading.

Initially our tubes were an exact replica of the originals brought to us. After building the tubes for so many years though, we have been able to study weak points and develop improvements.

Cutting Edge Design

Most snow coring tubes are made out of aluminum; a light, but delicate material. While aluminum makes them easy to handle, the tubes have an enormous amount of force placed on them when used. Invariably the cores tend to fail seasonally, requiring costly repair. This antiquated design has worked well in the past and served its purpose, but we believe that: “if it isn’t perfect, make it better”.

That is why our newest design incorporates a proprietary material that is signifcantly stronger, but just as light. We have also completely redesigned the tubes to eliminate aws in their construction where most failure tends to happen. What that means for you is: longer lasting tubes, less repair expense, and fewer replacement sections on hand in the field.


Product Specifcations

Tube Design:

Standard Section Length: 30 inches
Complete Assembly: 20 feet
Tube Inside Diameter: 1” 5/8

Single Piece Thread Together Tubes Cutting Fixture is Specially Designed to Cut Ice Custom Made Tools and Driving Wrenches are Also Available.

Our manufacturing system functions on a Just-In-Time basis. What this means is you will always be delivered a product manufactured with our most up to date design and processes. We are able to manufacture any quantity desired and also provide repair service for worn out tubes.

Please Contact us for Pricing and any Questions you may have. 916-443-7755.

Soil Sampling Equipment

Looking to get samples of something a little more solid?

In 1975 we began to exclusively manufacture the Precision Veihmeyer Soil Sampling Tube. Since then we have sold the equipment to Universities and Reasearch organizations aroung the world. A special page for the Soil Sampling Tubes will be forth coming. Please contact us for any questions.