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about us

Owned and operated by the McMillen family since 1973

When Duke McMillen purchased Hansen Machine Works in 1973 he had one thing in mind, supporting his family by doing what he loved. Over 40 years later, Hansen Machine Works still functions with that same ideology. Whether it is fabricating, machining, or repairing we have the equipment and know how to deliver on any size job. All of our skilled craftsmen are career metal workers, which means you will always be delivered the highest quality product. At Hansen Machine Works our number one priority is ensuring we have created a lasting relationship with you because you know you will get the most perfect product time and time again.

our history

Waldemar G. Hansen opens the doors of Hansen Auto and Machine Works. He initially built the Hansen-Whitman Runabout Auto, but then transitioned into building and repairing airplane and dirigible engines. He even repaired the engine of the plane that made the first trans-continental fight of America.

Duke McMillen leaves the muffler business to pursue the machine shop business and purchases Hansen Machine Works on 12th and J street, Sacramento California..

In 1987, Hansen Machine builds one of the first Toater Home semi-trucks and helps usher in the evolution of luxury racing transportation. Hansen Haulers becomes a house hold name in the racing industry.

With the passing of Duke McMillen, his legacy lives on as Scott McMillen carries on the family business.

why choose us?

40+ years of quality craftsmAnship.

What is a company without its reputation? That is a company that is out of business. When Duke McMillen purchased Hansen Machine Works in 1974, he knew how vital the reputation of his business would be. For over 40 years we have strove to create lasting positive relationships with everyone who comes through our doors.

The work a machine shop does borders on industrial grade precision and artwork. While we do not make what is generally accepted as art, our metal fabricators take great artistic pride in the services we provied. We will never complete a job that looks half done. Everything we do is not only of upmost quality, but also a work of art.

There is only one way to complete a service for a customer, the right way. We will never mark a service as complete without ensuring that it was done right. Cutting corners to save a few dollars usually means sacrificing quality. While everyone knows that is wrong, we know it could never be right.

quality assured

  • We take the extra step

    It only takes a couple extra minutes to put on the fnishing touches. That is why we always go the extra mile to make sure everything has been done to ensure your product is perfect. It does not matter if there is a noticeable difference, what matters is that we can honestly hand you your product knowing we have done our job the best we can.

  • attention to detail

    We believe in working in not only harder, but also smarter. As career machinists we love working hard because this is our passion. We are also dedicated to the continued development our skills beyond mastery. What this means for you is a top of the line service completed with the upmost care and focus.

  • designs that last decades

    A testament to the extent of our quality can be seen in our legacy of building Hansen Hauler trailers. A good many are still on the road and sought after in the racing community even though we built our last trailer over 20 years ago. We strive to produce products and provide services that will continue to last and function just as well as when we completed the service.

our advantages

We have the know how and machinery to deliver on a wide variety of dificult tasks.

When everyone else in town says “that is too hard”, we say “when do you need it?”

Attention to detail and finished product, not how we can save a buck.

Over 40 years serving Sacramento’s machining, welding, and fabrication needs.

Family owned and operated by Sacramento natives.

Friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated staff.

 Conveniently located in downtown Sacramento.

Ability to work on big and small projects alike